A child, alone in the dark. All around, the night.
Instinctively, he sings to himself an old song, to draw some known in the unknown and move forward, step after step.  

Alphaville is a city where the sun never goes up, where darkness is lighten up by artificial hues of fantasy. As the child, to move forward, the one who steps into its streets needs to get rid of the idea of reality and consent to the unknown. 

Started in 2015, this work looks for imaginary part of reality.

In heavy context of terrorist attacks and state of emergency in France, it came from a strange undercurrent in the air in Paris at this time. Everything seemed tensed between surveillance and an undefined threat. Somehow, it felt like fiction was the only way out when reality progressed far beyond the future predicted in old dystopian movies. To pay hommage to them, the name is token from Jean-Luc Godard’s Noir-film classic Alphaville shot fifty years earlier. 

This work is shot in deeply changing Paris peripheral areas with the Grand Paris urban plan.

Rémy Soubanère © 2015/18